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Limitations of JavaScript Game Development

JavaScript is a versatile programming language that allows the programmer to use it to implement various programming tasks. While JavaScript is extensively used in web development, it can also be used to perform other tasks including game development. However, JavaScript has several limitations when used in developing games. These challenges may prove insurmountable when trying to develop a complicated game that can play in various platforms and uses 3D design concepts.

One major limitation of using JavaScript when developing games is its inability to support multithreading. Lack of multithreading support renders the programming language unable to effectively utilize the computer resources and thus limiting its game developing capabilities. A second limitation would be JavaScript’s limited rights on a system. Typically, JavaScript cannot access files that are located on a different domain, cannot write files to a server and cannot access databases. All these functions are required when developing advanced games that require avatars.

Another major limitation of utilizing JavaScript when developing games is that users have the option of disabling the language. This then means that developing a game in the programming language will not guarantee it playing in all platforms especially if the user has disabled JavaScript. Different browsers also implement JavaScript differently and this may lead to inconsistencies in gameplay across different browsers.

While javascript is a versatile language, using it to develop complex games may prove a challenge to the developer. However, for simplistic games that run in 2D and on browsers, JavaScript will prove to be the easiest and most effective way to create such games.

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